J Balvin Coloring Book Guess

Guess what? The latest collaboration between Guess and J Balvin is here and it is bigger and better than ever before! This collection is a celebration of Medellin and J Balvin’s latest album, Colores. And let me tell you, the Guess x J Balvin Spring 2020 Collab is worth the hype!

First Look: The Guess x J Balvin Merchandise

Let me give you a sneak peek at what you can expect from this striking collaboration. The stunning images of J Balvin in this Guess x J Balvin merchandise are sure to drive fans wild. From his signature hair to his unique fashion sense, J Balvin is always a trendsetter. And this collab is no exception.

Guess x J Balvin Collab1

If you’re a true fan of J Balvin, then you’re going to want to rock his merch. The vibrant colors, catchy patterns, and edgy designs in this collection are perfect for any J Balvin fan. Whether you prefer flashy street style or cool and casual looks- this collab has something for everyone.

Shop the Look: GUESS x J Balvin Clothing

If you’re not just a fan of J Balvin’s music but also his fashion sense, you’re going to love this collection. This collab includes a range of attire- from tops to bottoms to accessories, to give you the complete J Balvin look.

Guess x J Balvin Collab2

Take a look at this collection on Guess.com and get yourself the latest J Balvin pieces to add to your wardrobe. Not only are these pieces in trend but will also make you stand out in the crowd.

J Balvin Coloring Book Guess

The collaboration has gone a step ahead with its latest J Balvin Coloring Book Guess. If you’re someone who enjoys coloring, this book is sure to get you excited. You can now bring to life J Balvin’s iconic fashion designs, style and wigs while coloring pages by Guess. The coloring book made its debut at Coachella in 2019 and has been delighting fans ever since.

Guess x J Balvin Collab3

Tips and Ideas to rock the Guess x J Balvin Collection

Accessorize it Right

Make the J Balvin Collection look even more fashionable by pairing it with the right accessories. Try pairing chunky hoops, or colorful bands or exotic statement necklaces for a pop of color against the collab piece to transform your look.

Match the Attire with your Mood

The best part of the J Balvin Collection is that it is versatile and designed for all moods. The bright and bold colors of the collection can make you stand out as well as the subtle pastels can give you a calm and collected look. Wear the pieces according to your mood.

Make a statement

The J Balvin Collection is all about being flashy and making a statement. So, do not be afraid to wear bold and colorful pieces if that is your style.

How to buy the Guess x J Balvin Collection:

The Guess x J Balvin Spring 2020 Collab is available on Guess.com or in select Guess stores near you. Head over to Guess and update your wardrobe with the latest, stylish and colorful collection by J Balvin.

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