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Are you ready to tap into the lucrative world of KDP coloring book interiors? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 niches to get you started creating content that’s sure to bring in the big bucks.

1. Mandala Madness

Mandalas are incredibly popular among the adult coloring community, and for good reason! These intricate circular patterns offer a calming and meditative coloring experience. Create mandala coloring book interiors for KDP and watch as they fly off the virtual shelves.

Mandala coloring book interior


Create mandalas with different levels of difficulty to appeal to a wider audience. Offer both simple and detailed variations and market them as different volumes in a series.

2. Cute and Cuddly

Who doesn’t love cute animals? Create coloring book interiors featuring adorable creatures like puppies, kittens, bunnies, and even sloths. These fun designs will be a hit with kids and adults alike.

Animal coloring book interior


Create a series of coloring books featuring different types of animals. For example, one book could feature sea creatures, another could feature animals from the jungle, and so on.

3. Fantasy Worlds

Unleash your imagination and take your audience on a trip to a magical world full of unicorns, dragons, and fairies. Fantasy-themed coloring books are a popular niche and offer plenty of opportunities for creativity.

Fantasy coloring book interior

How To:

Design a book cover that features a magical scene from your coloring book interior. Use vibrant and eye-catching colors to grab your audience’s attention.

4. Inspirational Quotes

Pair inspirational quotes with beautiful designs to create a coloring book that boosts your audience’s mood and motivates them to keep coloring. Inspirational coloring books can be marketed toward both adults and children.

Inspirational quote coloring book interior


Partner with a motivational speaker or personal growth writer to create a series of coloring books that promote self-improvement and positivity.

5. Travel the World

Take your audience on a trip around the world with coloring book interiors that feature famous landmarks, international cuisine, and cultural elements from different countries.

Travel coloring book interior


Create a series of travel coloring books that feature different continents or regions. For example, one book could be all about Asia, while another could feature Europe.

6. Floral Fantasia

Brighten up your audience’s day with coloring book interiors featuring beautiful flowers and floral patterns. These designs are perfect for spring and summer, and can be marketed toward women of all ages.

Floral coloring book interior


Offer a variety of floral designs, from simple daisies to complex rose patterns. This will ensure that your coloring book appeals to both novice and experienced colorists.

7. Whimsical Creatures

Create a coloring book full of whimsical creatures like mermaids, centaurs, and griffins. These imaginative designs are perfect for children and adults who love fantasy and mythology.

Whimsical creature coloring book interior

How To:

Create a social media marketing campaign that targets fans of fantasy movies and TV shows. Use hashtags that are relevant to your designs to increase visibility.

8. Retro Revival

Tap into the nostalgia market with coloring book interiors featuring retro designs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These fun and funky designs will appeal to older audiences and those who love all things vintage.

Retro coloring book interior


Create a series of retro-themed coloring books that highlight different aspects of each decade. For example, a 60s-themed coloring book could include designs inspired by tie-dye, peace signs, and flower power.

9. Intricate Patterns

Create a coloring book featuring intricate patterns like paisleys, arabesques, and geometric designs. These types of coloring books offer a challenging and rewarding experience for colorists who enjoy complex designs.

Intricate pattern coloring book interior


Use a mix of black and white backgrounds to create contrast and make your designs pop. This will add depth and dimension to your coloring book.

And there you have it, 9 niches to get you started creating amazing KDP coloring book interiors. Remember to be creative, have fun, and market your designs to the right audience. Happy coloring!

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