Coloring Book Album Cover

Hey y’all, hope you’re doing well! Today, I wanted to share with you some dope coloring book covers that I came across. Not gonna lie, they got me feeling hella inspired to pick up my colored pencils and get to coloring.

A Personalized Coloring Book Cover

First up, check out this personalized coloring book cover featuring the iconic Bratz dolls. How cool is that? This would make an awesome gift for any Bratz-loving friend or family member.

Bratz coloring book cover


  • When choosing a personalized coloring book cover, make sure to pick a design that truly reflects the recipient’s interests.
  • Consider adding a personal touch by featuring the recipient’s name or favorite quote on the cover.
  • For a truly unique gift, create your own coloring book with original artwork by you or someone you know.

The Album Cover Coloring Book

This coloring book features a collection of album covers, perfect for music lovers. And the best part? You can customize each cover with your own color choices.

Album cover coloring book


  • Use this coloring book as a way to discover new music by researching and listening to the albums you’re coloring.
  • Create a playlist of songs from the albums featured in the coloring book to listen to while coloring.
  • Frame your favorite completed pages and turn them into unique wall art for your home.

Coloring Book Album Cover Poster

This poster features a collection of coloring book covers, perfect for those who love to color and decorate their living spaces.

Coloring book album cover poster

How To:

  • Hang this poster in your home or office as a unique decoration.
  • Use the poster as inspiration for your own coloring book cover designs.
  • Color a section of the poster each day to create a long-term coloring project.

Chance The Rapper Coloring Book Vinyl

If you’re a fan of Chance The Rapper, you’ll love this special edition vinyl of his album “Coloring Book”. The vinyl itself is clear with blue smoke, and features a cover design inspired by Chance’s unique style.

Chance The Rapper Coloring Book vinyl


  • Listen to the album while coloring in the coloring book that inspired it for the full immersive experience.
  • Create your own custom record cover design inspired by your favorite album or artist, and see if you can track down a copy of the vinyl to display it on.
  • Collect your favorite album covers and display them in a collage on a wall or bulletin board.

The Coloring Book Album

Last but not least, this coloring book features original illustrations by artist Richard McNary. The covers feature intricate designs that are perfect for those who love to really get into the details of their coloring projects.

The Coloring Book Album cover


  • Use the intricate designs in this coloring book as a way to destress and relax after a long day.
  • Challenge yourself to use a different color scheme for each illustration to create a cohesive look when the book is completed.
  • Frame your completed illustrations and turn them into unique pieces of wall art for your home.

These coloring book covers have really got my creative juices flowing, and I hope they’ve inspired you as well. Happy coloring!

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